mim.fm has been working with a passionate team of environmental activists called The Bosque Action Team (B.A.T) to protect the Rio Grande Bosque, a stretch of natural land in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In addition to designing, creating, and maintaining a website (www.savethebosque.org) we have provided a variety of supporting media services*, and hosted a rousing and successful music benefit called the Big Bosque Benefit Bash, featuring some of New Mexico's top artists including Le Chat Lunatique.  We were pleasantly surprised that Channel 4 stopped by to film a piece about the event, which was broadcast on the evening news. 

These photos, taken by friends of the Bosque Adam Kludt, Seamus O'Sullivan and Alex Limkin speak volumes about why this community is so passionate about preserving and protecting this amazing resource:  



*the BAT's website and additional media services have been designed and created by our sister design firm Cod and Cowboy Design